Who are we?

  TuGBoaT Studio

      TuGBoaT started in the mid seventies when I was working on creative projects and I still use it today. It is how I would label my work with a small trademark of a tugboat.  Move to the present when and where I was creating a web based avenues to showcase my work I was wanting to use Tugboat again in a domain but to my disappointment it had already been adopted by another creative group.  However I came upon TGBT as an alternative for what I was wanting.  So  think TuGBoaT, where the vowels are so small you just can't see them.

The Artist

      My name is Terry Morris and TuGBoaT Studio is  where I do my artistry. My focus   is  with watercolours.  It is a very  interesting medium as it has

numerous  technique and behaviours which I enjoy.  I started  in my youth drawing as a leisure activity with tutoring from my grandmother, whom was an accomplished watercolour and oil painter.  It was not until the late eighties that I picked up a paint brush and found  success with watercolour. Since then I have dabbled away learning more and more about the medium.  In the past few years with retirement I have become more committed to watercolour.  At first I read books on the subject. To further development I have had instruction from Frans Aeyelts, and Tom Ward both of whom are outstanding watercolour artists. At the same time I have taken on-line courses with Art Summit, and Abyssimo.

The Internet and Physical Location

    This on line store is one  ways to share the artwork that I have created. I am also found on Facebook; TGBT Studio, and Instagram. Aside from purchasing original works I have opened up to print on demand to give you access to pass works in a variety of forms, also this online store give you a better means of viewing more of my works quickly.

   I enjoy painting and seeing the end result as there  always seems to be surprises.  No two paintings are the same.   I live in a beautiful and historic area of Canada. I  enjoy travel, being active and outdoors. From these activities I draw inspiration.   So in this store you have the opportunity to view, and purchase  original work of art which portray some of that beauty or uniqueness.

   Lastly photographs do not always capture the full power of a piece of art.  Seeing works of art live is always better as you get a better sense of the colours, textures, and dimensional relationships.  So should you be in the neighbourhood of Lunenburg, N.S. you are welcomed to come visit TuGBoaT Studio.